Board Members, Appointments and Special Volunteers

Silver City Quilt Guild

2016-2017 Board

Elected Officers of the Board

President: Patty Roberts

Vice President: Brenda Casteel

Secretary: Linda Swallow

Treasurer: Charlet Sherman

Programs / Workshops: Kelly Nelson and Janet Elia

2017 Quilt Show Co-Chairs: Pauline Lally and Diane Preble


Appointments and Volunteers

Past President: Janet Elia

2017 Raffle Quilt Design Team: Pauline Lally and Janet Elia

2017 Raffle Quilt Promotion Team: Diane Preble and Claudette Smith


Monthly Fabric Raffle: Julie Savard-Vantran

Raffles /Prizes: Janet Mccluskey and Barbara Roberge

Sit and Sew: Carolyn Souza

Community Service / Charity

Coordinator: Kelly Nelson


Monthly Refreshments Coordinator: Donna Carver

SCQG Ambassadors: Barbara LaFlamme, Betty Sylvia and Sylvia Wade


Membership: Geraldine Lucas, Vicky Dukes and Jackie Robbins

Directory: Pauline Lally

Public Relations

Newsletter: Janet O’Connor

Facebook & Web Master: Pauline Lally


NEQM Liaison: Janet Elia

Non-Profit Status: Pauline Lally