Tina Craig, Featured Speaker at our March 20, 2017 meeting

Tina Craig and her darling daughter (and soon to be bride in three weeks!) came to our March meeting. What a fabulous night we had as Tina shared her life stories and beautiful quilts! From her very first very traditional quilt all the way thru the years to her traditional turned slightly modern quilts – all were as fabulous as the one before! Thank you Tina for a fun filled night!

Workshops are filling up fast…….

Check out our “Meetings and Events Page” here:  Meeting Dates and Happenings for supply lists (new one for Pro Chem workshop).

As of February 26, we have the following openings:

Karen Eckmeier “Accidental Landscape”, Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Only seats available.

Kathy Belz “Rangley Stars”, Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Only 4 seats available.

Diana Annis “Machine Quilting”, Saturday, June 24, 2017.  Only 4 seats available.

To reserve your spot, contact either one of the following Guild Members:  Janet Elia, janetquilts@comcast.net or Kelly Nelson, kellyquilts@comcast.net.


Membership Dues are Due!

In order to keep up the spirit of ‘members only’ both on the ‘members only’ section of our web-site and our ‘members only’ FaceBook page, please send in your dues payment which was due on July 1.  The membership form can be found here: MEMBERSHIP FORM – 2016. Complete the form and send in your payment to the address on the form.  Thank you!

SCQG Auction, June 20, 2016

Dear Jan and Kelly,
Programs for the 2015, 2016 year are over!!! My committee, Judy, Meg, Val, JoAnn, Dianne, Kathy and I, would like to thank the Guild members for making this year’s programs so successful. We especially want to thank each and every Guild member for their participation in Monday’s auction. Because of their generosity, donating items and buying items, the guild realized a profit of 1956.50. It truly takes a village, working as one, to be successful- I am proud to be a member of this village.